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Newsletter May 2023

May was a month of broadened perspectives and new connections in the fields of diabetes and classical endocrinology and user involvement.

DDEA Summer School on Diabetes, Metabolism & Endocrinology for PhD Students

At the DDEA Summer School you will have the opportunity to attend lectures from leading experts in the field, discuss your own research interests and activities at a high scientific level, meet other PhD students, and become acquainted with other research projects.

DDEA Postdoc Summit 2023

This September, the DDEA invites postdocs to Bornholm, Denmark for our annual Postdoc Summit. The purpose of the Summit is to strengthen the diabetes and classical endocrine research community through scientific and professional development at the postdoc level.

DDEA at The Danish Endocrine Society Annual Meeting 2023

Visit the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy at their conference booth. Stop by for a chat and learn about upcoming DDEA activities.
The Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Leader Programme Grants Awarded to Jørgen Wojtaszewski and Lærke Gasbjerg -
The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) has awarded 37 new grants through its major Research Leader Programme that supports leading researchers at different career stages.
Even a Little Goes a Long Way: Exercise Improves Beta-Cell Function During Diet-induced Weight Loss -
PhD Student and Danish Diabetes Academy grantee Mark P.P. Lyngbæk shares his insights from a study recently published in Nature Metabolism.
BEAt-DKD Symposium -
The Biomarker Enterprise to Attack Diabetic Kidney Disease (BEAt-DKD) consortium invites you to the BEAt-DKD Symposium: “Successful stories, lessons learned and what's next?” on 21 June in Malmö.
National Data Science PhD Meetup -
The Danish Data Science Academy (DDSA) invites PhD’s within Danish data science for the first National Data Science PhD Meetup on June 27 in Aalborg.
Here Are the Award Winners from SSSD 2023 -
From studies of genetic susceptibility to new techniques for non-invasive monitoring, the awards at the SSSD annual meeting celebrate the best of Scandinavian diabetes research.
DDEA at The Danish Endocrine Society (DES) Annual Meeting 2023 -
Event date: 16.06.23
The Danish Endocrine Society (DES) Annual Meeting will take place in Kolding, Denmark on 16-17 June 2023.At the DES Annual Meeting invited speakers, and speakers selected from submitted abstracts, will talk about the...
The Benefits of More User Involvement in Research -
Direct patient involvement in health research can have great advantages. Ph.D. Student Caroline Bruun Abild has first-hand experience from a recent qualitative study on disordered eating in people with type 1 diabetes.
If I breastfeed my baby, does it affect my blood glucose levels and my health? -
Motherhood comes with a million questions: How much should my baby sleep? How often should I change their diaper? To mothers with type 1 diabetes, however, motherhood comes with the additional question of: If I...
Diabetes Technology in Clinical Practice -
Event date: 23.11.23
Diabetes Technology in Clinical Practice is a two-day course providing lectures and hands-on practice with novel and existing diabetes technologies. The course content ranges from cutting-edge research to the...
DDEA på Folkemøde: Brugerinvolvering i sundhedsvæsenet: Galt eller genialt? -
Event date: 17.06.23
Deltag i DDEA's debat på Folkemødet 2023, hvor vi med sammen med Brugeren, Behandleren, Patientforeningen og Politikeren debatterer, om brugerinvolveringen i sundhedsvæsenet er galt eller genialt? Tid og stedHvem kan...

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Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) constitutes an original networking platform for a national diabetes research strategy that is rational and science-based, and which will strengthen both basic and clinical research in diabetes and endocrinology.

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