Funding for Education and Networking Activities in Spring 2024

This call is closed.

The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) invites applications for funding for education and networking activities in diabetes, metabolism and classical endocrinology research fields to be held during spring 2024.

Application deadline: 1 October at 15:00 (CEST)

With a mission to foster early-career research talent through education and talent development, networking and collaboration, and grants, we offer funding for activities and courses organised independently of the DDEA and complementary to the education and networking activities planned and offered by the DDEA in 2024.

Specifically, we welcome applications for two types of activities:

  1. Networking and collaboration activities, e.g.workshops or interactive events to build scientific collaborations
  2. PhD and postdoc courses

Detailed evaluation criteria are described in the application guidelines below. 

The maximum funding from the DDEA for an event through this call is 50.000 DKK. The total budget available for events funded through this call is 100.000 DKK.

Please note that we will not fund the following activities through this call for applications:

  • Symposia or seminars
  • Annual meetings of professional societies
  • Activities that are ongoing or have already been held by the decision date.

Decisions will be made by 1 November 2023.

Role of the DDEA in events funded through this call

For events funded through this call the DDEA will not provide any logistical or organisational support. However, the DDEA will promote the event through one or more of its communications channels (news on website, social media, newsletter, etc.)

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