DDEA Webinar Series: Mentoring & Career Development

DDEA Webinar Series: Mentoring & Career Development

Empowering You to Be a Mentor & Find Mentorship

Are you a junior scientist searching for mentorship guidance? Maybe you are looking for the inspiration and motivation to be a mentor!

From the spring through the fall of 2024, the DDEA invites you to tune in to the DDEA Webinar Series on Mentoring and Career Development.

As a postdoc, assistant professor, or PhD student, being a mentor and obtaining mentorship is crucial for advancing your career. But navigating the vast landscape of social norms can be challenging and the time commitment can be high.

The Mentoring and Career Development webinar series guides you through different aspects mentorship: From the importance of being a mentor, to having your own mentor. We will shed a light on what mentorship is, the skills required to develop strong mentor mentee relationships, and how to identify mentoring opportunities. We will hear from experts working in the field alongside be inspired by the success stories of our peers.

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Event date
06.06.2024 - 14:00
to 07.11.2024 - 00:00
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07.11.2024 - 14:45
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