Course on Peer Review: Understanding and Harnessing an Imperfect yet Vital Element in Academia

Join us to uncover the strengths, flaws, and multi-faceted role that peer review plays in academia and at the academia-policy-media nexus. Gain deep insights into editorial and review processes and learn how to navigate them ethically and professionally, as an author as well as a reviewer.

DDEA Webinar Series: Mentoring & Career Development

From the spring through the fall of 2024, we invite you to tune in to the DDEA Webinar Series on Mentoring and Career Development that empowers you to be a Mentor and find mentorship. The next webinar is 15 August on the Mentor-Mentee Relationship.

Course on Trends in Gastrointestinal and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumour Clinical Care

Join us at this course to enhance your awareness of various aspects of NEN, with an emphasis on recognizing indicative symptoms, understanding the diagnostic process, exploring treatment options, and learning about the prognosis.

DDEA Webinar Series: Building New Synergies in Endocrinology with Visiting Researchers

Who are the DDEA Visiting Researchers? What impact are they making in Denmark and beyond? How can these international collaborations help shape the future of research in Denmark? Join us in this DDEA webinar series to learn more.



Our Call for Grant Applications is Now Open

Our call for applications for PhD Scholarships, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Visiting Researcher Grants, Industrial Grants, and International Strategic Partnerships is now open!

DDEA Grant Recipients

In December 2023, we announced the second round of DDEA grant recipients. 10.5 million Danish kroner was allocated to 14 Danish and international early-career researchers and two visiting researchers.

The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy's mission is to foster early-career research talent through education and talent development, networking and collaboration, and grants.

Tore Christiansen
Managing Director
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