Researcher Reflections: Daniel Hansen, PhD

Posted on 06.06.2024

Daniel Hansen, PhD completed his PhD Scholarship on “The Role of Stellate Cells in Hepatic Lipid Handling”, previously titled “Spatiotemporal Deconstruction of Microvascular Decay in NASH” at the University of Southern Denmark in January 2024 with a grant from Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) (now known as Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy).

We have asked Daniel Hansen to reflect on his time as a DDA-funded researcher.

What are the most exciting findings of your research project?

In my PhD project, the most exciting finding has been the expanded understanding of the role of hepatic stellate cells and their plasticity during disease development. Furthermore, in my project I discovered that these cells play a pivotal role in the regulation of healthy pre-prandial metabolism.

How is your research project relevant to the public?

The scientific contributes throughout my PhD project has provided a better understanding of sinusoidal liver cells and their role in the development and progression of metabolic liver disease (MASLD/MASH). My studies have contributed to the understanding and future treatment of liver disease.

What was a highlight in your time as a DDA-funded researcher?

My DDA-funded PhD has contained many highlights! As part of my PhD study, I conducted a research stay at the university of Turku, Finland. This was an amazing experience which allowed me to perform experiments not possible in our own laboratory.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting your research project, what would it be?

I would tell myself two things: “Previous research and even mechanisms delineated in textbooks must stand up to scrutiny” and “Research takes time, but the patience is all worth it”.

What has your DDA grant meant for your research, education, and network?

The DDA grant truly allowed me to initiate my scientific career. Through the DDA I have been able to propagate my network and participate in several relevant PhD causes. No doubt the DDA grant and DDA as an organisation have played a tremendous part in my personal and scientific development.

What is next for you?

I recently became employed as a postdoc at the University of Southern Denmark. I plan to pursue a career in science and would like to continue the study of liver function, cellular interactions, and metabolism.

Daniel Hansen’s PhD project have been co-funded by ATLAS Center of Excellence.

We wish Daniel Hansen all the best in his future career.

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