DDEA Happy to Announce Support to New Research and Networking Activities

Posted on 23.06.2023

Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) is excited to support two new research and networking activities through the new funding scheme ‘Funding for Education and Networking Activities’.

‘Both supported activities will form the basis for new national as well as international collaborations within the field of muscle physiology, metabolism and diabetes, support the development of early-career research talents, and further strengthen research within diabetes and diabetes complications’, says Chairman of the DDEA Committee for Education, Nils Færgeman.

New National Network on Musculoskeletal Diabetes Complications

Musculoskeletal disorders are overlooked complications of diabetes. Therefore, advancing research on musculoskeletal diabetes complications is required. One of the DDEA supported activities seeks to establish a national interdisciplinary research and expert network facilitating national screening and treatment initiatives to advance research on musculoskeletal diabetes complications. The initiative is headed by Professor Kirsten Nørgaard and other expert colleagues from Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and University of Copenhagen and will involve other national diabetologists and healthcare professionals. Professor Kirsten Nørgaard is co-author on the recent study ‘Upper-Extremity Impairments in Type 1 Diabetes: Results from a Controlled Nationwide Study’ in Diabetes Care which demonstrates that more focus is needed on this area.

PhD Course: Skeletal Muscle Metabolism and Growth

The second supported activity seeks to establish a PhD course for approx. 15 international and 15 national PhD students focusing on the most recent advances within skeletal muscle metabolism, growth, and signaling, and how these are affected by exercise, ageing and metabolic disease. This will be headed by Assistant Professor Rasmus Kjøbsted and Professor Jørgen Wojtaszewski and colleagues from The August Section for Molecular Physiology at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen. The course takes place in June and is fully booked, demonstrating the interest in the topic.

How to Apply for Funding for Education and Networking Activities

Do you have an idea for education and/or networking activities within the fields of diabetes, metabolism or and/or classical endocrinology? The next call for applications for Funding for Education and Networking Activities opens 14 August 2023. Application deadline is 1 October 2023.

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