Postdoc Rasmus Kjøbsted: ‘TBC1D4 — A Link Between Physical Activity and Insulin Sensitivity

Posted on 21.06.2019

Postdoc Rasmus Kjøbsted has received DKK 1.2 million for his postdoc based on the project called ‘TBC1D4—a link between physical activity and insulin sensitivity‘.

Physical activity has been shown to improve the effect of insulin in muscles. This is one of the reasons that physical activity is recommended as a key element in both the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. The purpose of this research project is to clarify the role of TBC1D4 in regulating insulin sensitivity in muscles after physical activity. Transgenic animal models, invasive human studies, and advanced proteomic analyses of musculature will contribute to achieving this insight. The results of this project will provide the potential for developing medications that can improve or mimic the effects of physical activity on insulin sensitivity in muscles. Adviser: Associate Professor Thomas Elbenhardt Jensen

For more information about the project contact Rasmus Kjøbsted or read a longer summary here.

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