Prof. Wojtaszewski Awarded DKK 59.9 Million to Disentagle Insulin Resistance by NNF

Posted on 13.06.2024

Novo Nordisk Foundation Grants DKK 120 Million to Disentangling Insulin Resistance

Established in 2014, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme supports ambitious research projects addressing global challenges. This year, the challenge had three themes: Integrating safety and environmental sustainability impacts of bio-based solutions, disentangling insulin resistance, and novel or emerging technologies for sustainable and continuous energy supply. The Novo Nordisk Foundation have awarded a total of DKK 359 million to six projects within the three themes, including DKK 120 Million to two projects within the theme of disentangling insulin resistance.

Amongst the recipients of this prestigious grant is Professor Jørgen Wojtaszewski from the University of Copenhagen. Professor Wojtaszewski recieves DKK 59.9 million over 6 years to the project “Defining the Human Insulin Resistance Molecular Network; SIGNATURE”. Professor Wojtaszewski has been a part of the Danish Diabetes Academy’s (now known as Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy) Committee for Education for 10 years, and he has organised several symposia and courses on exercise physiology. Professor Wojtaszewski is now a part of the organising committee for our DDEA Summer School on Diabetes, Metabolism and Endocrinology for PhD Students.

The other grant recipient within the theme of disentangling insulin resistance is Professor Henrik Larsson, Rigshospitalet. Professor Larsson recieves DKK 59.6 million over 6 years to the project “Disentangling the effect of Brain Insulin Resistance on Brain Health: The BIR-BrainHealth Project”.

Congratulations to all the grant recipients!

Read more about the grant on the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s website.

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