Invitation to Inaugural Lecture by Professor Louise Torp Dalgaard

Posted on 26.04.2024

The Department of Science and Environment, Roskilde University invites you to the inaugural lecture by Professor Louise Torp Dalgaard on 3 May at 13:30.

Louise was appointed Professor at The Department of Science and Environment at Roskilde University 1 September 2022, but due to covid her inagural lecture has been postponed until now.

Louise is a part of our Committee for Education and a part of the organising committee for this year’s DDEA Summer School.

Professor Louise Torp Dalgaard has prepared the following theme for her lecture:

Molecular Mechanisms of Metabolic Disease: Understanding how tissues talk to each other

Hormones act as important messengers between cells and tissues in the body. In her inaugural speech, Louise Torp Dalgaard seek to understand how cellular and circulating RNAs may act as messengers between tissues to reflect the conditions of originating cells or send signals to recipient cells. In that respect circulating RNAs may be another form of signalling molecules. In her talk, Louise will review work of others and bring in perspectives from my her research, to describe the possible roles of extracellular RNA-species as messengers in normal metabolism as well as in metabolic disease.

After Louise’s inaugural lecture the Department of Science and Environment invites you to join them in raising a glass for Louise at the following reception.

Practical Information

Date: 3 May 2024 at 13:30

Inaugural lecture: Building 00 at Roskilde University, room 00.1-009 (the large auditorium)

Reception: The Foyer

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