Emilie Christensen, MSc

University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Health Sciences

Title of project

Prevention of osteoporotic fractures through early detection of individuals at high risk – Testing the feasibility of a fully automated data-driven decision support tool in general practice


This project lays the groundwork for new preventive strategies in osteoporosis, by examining of the feasibility of implementing a digital decision support tool in general practice aimed at early identification of individualsat high risk of sustaining an osteoporotic fracture. Osteoporosis is both underdiagnosed and undertreated, and often causes debilitating fractures. Early identification of atrisk indidivuals is key in preventive efforts. This project aims to examine both the technical, and
human aspects of using a digital decision support tool for risk prediction in general practice. This will be done through three multi-method studies: 1) a Proof-of-Concept study to validate prediction in general practice data, 2) an interview study investigating factors and barriers affecting the use of digital decision support tools from the perspective of general practitioners and practice nurses, and 3) an interview study investigating the experiences, thoughts and needs of individuals at risk of
sustaining an osteoporotic fracture, regarding the use of digital tools for risk estimation. The project will provide new knowledge about the most appropriate path for successful implementation of a digital desicion support tool that contributes to optimizing the clinical work for GPs and early diagnosis of high-risk individuals, as well as expand the growing field of digital health. Long term, the vision of the project is to achieve improved, coherent management of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures in the Danish healthcare system.

Emilie Christensen, MSc
Principal supervisor

Katrine Hass Rubin, University of Southern Denmark, Dept. of Clinical Research

Co-supervisor: Jens Søndergaard, University of Southern Denmark, Dept. of Public Health

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