Professor Brian Oldenburg

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Title of project

Digital technology to improve the health and well-being of people with diabetes and other long-term conditions


Reducing the personal, societal and economic costs associated with diabetes and other long-term conditions is an urgent global challenge and a key priority for Denmark’s health system. Around half of all adults in developed countries – like Denmark – have at least one long term condition or disability – including diabetes – and many adults have two or more. Digitally-enabled solutions (DeS) that can utilise intelligent mobile apps, chatbots, wearable devices, sensors, social media, interoperable data platforms, decision support for practitioners and/or smart delivery systems are very helpful for curtailing the rising burden of diabetes and other long term conditions, globally. Challenges that can be addressed by DeS include people’s inadequate access to resources and supports for chronic disease self-management, poorly coordinated care delivery and the lack of integrated and interoperable data and information systems for health consumers, providers and the health system. Professor Oldenburg currently directs and leads Australia’s Centre for Digital Technology to Transform Australia’s Chronic Disease Outcomes that undertakes research to improve the health and well-being of people diabetes and other long term conditions, by: (1) improving the user experience of current DeS in order to increase their impact and widespread use; (2) enhancing data linkage and the interoperability of DeS and their systems integration to improve their utility and scalability; and (3) producing frameworks and guidelines that enable the uptake and adoption of safe and effective DeS by everybody with diabetes and other long term conditions as well astheir carers and health practitioners. The primary aim of this visiting professorship will be to collaborate with Dr Nana Folmann Hempler, Senior Researcher and Team Leader, Diabetes Management Research, Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen to develop a world class research program in the widespread, appropriate and effective use of DeS to improve the health and wellbeing of people with diabetes and other long-term conditions in Denmark.

This aim will be achieved by a Visiting Professorship that will: 1) build multi-disciplinary collaborations with other researchers in Denmark and Europe, North America and Australia in order to undertake state-of-the-art ‘real world’ implementation trials of digital health interventions in Denmark; and 2) establish a program with early- and mid-career researchers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to foster a new generation of digital health researchers in Denmark.

Professor Brian Oldenburg
Place of employment

Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute and La Trobe University, Australia

Host principal investigator

Bryan Cleal, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

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