Episode 2 ─ Challenging the Scientific Publication

How can we make sure the practices of disseminating research findings evolve with the times?

The primary means of dissemination is publication. And while the contents of scientific publications have changed a lot over the last 100 years, the methods and structure of publication have seen relatively few changes, and most of them only in the last 10 years.

Rethinking these methods was the theme of last year's DDEA Postdoc Summit Challenge.

The pressure to publish is especially intense for early-career researchers, so they themselves were invited to rethink the approaches to scientific publishing in the Challenge. 

The Summit participants’ solutions include standardised procedures for accessibility and reproducibility, a database for peer reviewers, multifaceted metrics for determining academic credit, a reproducibility framework, and responsible use of AI.

But what might a professional in scientific publishing say to these proposed solutions?

In this episode, we once again hand the microphone to postdoc Christopher Lewis, as he interviews the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Diabetologia, Hindrik Mulder.

Listen, as different solutions for challenging scientific dissemination put forth by early-career researchers are taken up for debate with an expert in scientific publishing.

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  • Hindrik Mulder, Editor-in-Chief of Diabetologia and Professor at Lund University


  • Christopher Lewis, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen

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Gretchen Repasky, Education & Networking Manager, Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy

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