Episode 8 ─ AI is Not Sci-Fi: The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

AI is dramatically changing the landscape of drug discovery in research today, but what is needed for the best outcomes? How do we overcome the challenges? Can we rely on what AI produces?

Artificial intelligence is not the future anymore; it is happening now – and it is happening on a grand scale. AI has been a game changer in tech, having influenced fields such as social networks with text, image, and voice recognition. Many of us have also seen the often impressive results of OpenAI’s popular text-generating chatbot ChatGPT.

Academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies have started utilising AI to aid in drug discovery. Drug discovery is a lengthy and costly process, with average research and development for new drugs taking 10-20 years and costing billions of dollars. New approaches are needed, and looking to AI might unlock potential that we have not yet imagined. But are there costs?

Listen as an expert in AI and machine learning and an experimental biologist discuss the evolution, applications of AI and its possible uses in medical research.

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  • Per Greisen, Director of Computational Drug Discovery at Novo Nordisk

  • Hande Topel, Postdoctoral Researcher in a functional genomics and metabolism unit at the University of Southern Denmark


  • Gretchen Repasky, currently Education and Networking Manager, Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy; formerly, Communications Director, Nordic EMBL Partnership, University of Helsinki


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