Episode 10 ─ Science Stories from Folkemødet: “Missing Maria, Identifying Anna”

How many child development issues go unnoticed in the flurry of short doctor's appointments and limited home visits? How do you properly detect and identify mental health issues in adolescents living with chronic disease?

Maybe it’s time to prioritise and optimise a sometimes overlooked screening tool in clinical practice: Questionnaires.

MD and PhD Kevin Mark’s talk “Missing Maria, Identifying Anna” revolves around implementing and improving identification systems for developmental and mental health in childhood and adolescence.

In Kevin’s talk, we are first introduced to Maria – a child whose special needs were discovered much later than what was ideal. Then, we are introduced to Anna, an adolescent who got lucky when a clever doctor recommended a specific questionnaire that helped identify her disordered eating involving her type 1 diabetes.

Join us for the first episode of Postdocs Talking recorded live at a DDEA event at Folkemødet (The Danish People’s Meeting) 2023.

About Folkemødet

Folkemødet (The People’s Meeting) is a democracy festival in June on the Danish island of Bornholm. Citizens, politicians, NGOs, businesses, and many more meet up for open debates, dialogues, and talks on society and democracy. The festival is inspired by the Swedish counterpart, Almedalsveckan.

DDEA at Folkemødet 2023

DDEA organised a storytelling event, inviting two researchers to tell their science stories. The first speaker was an American who came to Denmark to do research for the Danish society. The second speaker was a Dane who went outside of Denmark to do research for an African society. The name of this event was “Worlds Apart – Two Stories of Health Science for Society”. This is the first of these two talks. 

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  • Kevin Marks, MD, PhD from Aarhus University, KBU doctor at Odense University Hospital


  • Gretchen Repasky, Education & Networking Manager, Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy

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Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy


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