Episode 6 ─ Using Art as a Science Communication Tool

“The greatest scientists are artists as well”, Albert Einstein once said. But how can scientists communicate their results more effectively through art? One of the most common ways of communicating science today is through a one-dimensional focus on visuals such as graphs, illustrations and images. These often lack aesthetics and thereby fail to catch attention, crippling the intended message and impact.

How do we enhance interest in our research by communicating through art, i.e. in an aesthetic fashion that draws not only on vision but on all five senses of human perception?

Listen as junior researchers within the field of diabetes and an expert discuss possible solutions to this challenge.

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  • Daniel Ibsen, Postdoc, Aarhus University, Denmark

  • Anne-Marie Wegeberg, Postdoc, Aalborg University, Denmark


  • Louise Whiteley, Associate Professor in Medical Science Communication and Curator at Medical Museion and the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research


  • Gretchen Repasky, Communications Director, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and University of Helsinki

The postdocs represent the challenge group of

  • Fiona Roberts, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Helene Bæk Juel, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Ineke Luijten, Postdoc, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Markus Hodal Drag, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Sabri A. Rial, Postdoc, University of Montreal, Canada


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