Episode 5 ─ Take it to the Virtual Streets: Education and Public Relations

Scientists have a professional responsibility to explain the benefits of their science to the public. Social media has changed the landscape of communication, making it both easier and harder for the scientific community to reach the wider society. The ease of distribution and availability of information is in many ways positive, but misinformation flourishes, too, as it is increasingly difficult to assess sources and incentives.

How can the scientific community reach the public through social media platforms? Listen as postdocs within the field of diabetes and an expert discuss the challenges and solutions within social media.

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  • Anja Elaine Sørensen, Postdoc, Roskilde University, Denmark

  • Casper Sahl Poulsen, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 


  • Ida Donkin, Doctor of Medicine, Member of Danish Committee of Ethics, health policy commentator, author, health communicator disseminating easy-to-understand information via social media, videos, podcasts and workshops


  • Gretchen Repasky, Communications Director, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and University of Helsinki

The postdocs represents the challenge group of

  • Béatrice Choi, PhD Student, Laval University, Canada

  • Iram Faqir Muhammad, Postdoc, Lund University, Sweden

  • Petr Zouhar, Postdoc, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

  • Simone Bossi, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


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