Episode 3 ─ Innovation: The Relationship between Academia and Industry

Societal advancement is dependent on innovation. Novel ideas are often birthed in academia, while the tools for their development often lie within industry. Bridging the two can be difficult. Currently, tech transfer offices, innovation institutes and funding agencies aim to do so, but most support fails to capture early-stage ideas. A lack of knowledge and awareness compounds the problem: academics may miss the commercial potential of their ideas, and industry may not see academia as a place of business potential.

Listen as postdocs within the field of diabetes and an expert discuss the challenges and possible solutions to bridging academia and industry.

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  • Germán Carrasquilla, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Jonathan Belanich, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 


  • Trine Winterø, Vice-Dean for Innovation and External Relations, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen


  • Gretchen Repasky, Communications Director, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and University of Helsinki

The postdocs represent the challenge group of

  • Daniel Cervone, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Diana Samodova, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Elaine Cowan, Postdoc, Lund University, Sweden

  • Luis Rodrigo Cataldo, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Anne Mette Trauelsen, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


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