PhD Scholarships in Classical Endocrinology 2024

Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) invites applications for four 2/3-financed PhD scholarships in Classical Endocrinology. The grants amount to 1,100,000 DKK each (covering salary and tuition fee) over a period of three years.

DDEA is pleased to announce this thematic grant scheme (only in 2024) for projects focusing on classical endocrinology. Applications can therefore only be in classical endocrinology, excluding diabetes-related research. Examples of classical endocrinology are projects on thyroid function, bone metabolism, adrenal gland disorders, pituitary gland dysfunctions, reproductive endocrinology, etc.

Deadline for application is 11 September 2024 at 23:59 CET with expected date of reply 10 December 2024.


Please note the following:

  • You can apply for only one PhD scholarship per application round across the various DDEA PhD scholarship calls. We reserve the right to reject your application if you do not follow this rule.
  • Principal supervisors/investigators (PI) can host only one DDEA-funded PhD student or postdoctoral fellow at a time. Therefore, PhD applicants must verify this matter with the PI related to their project.
  • PIs may be involved in both an application for a PhD scholarship and a postdoctoral fellowship (across the various DDEA PhD scholarship calls), but only one application can receive a grant.
  • PIs hosting a DDA-funded PhD student or postdoctoral fellow (with a grant from 2018-2022) are eligible to be involved in an application for a DDEA PhD scholarship or postdoctoral fellowship.
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