Data Visualisation Workshop

Data Visualisation Workshop

Are you working with a lot of data and want to make data-driven decisions? Would you like to help people see and interact with your research data more easily? Would you like to more clearly visualise patterns and relationships?

Then join us for a two-day course in data visualisation from theoretical concepts to implementation!

Learn how to translate research data into visual representations making it easier for you and other scientists to understand and learn from the data. Learn how to generate visualisations to help you find patterns, trends and outliers in your data sets.

This course is offered jointly by the Danish Data Science Academy, the Danish Cardiovascular Academy and the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy.



Event date
15.11.2023 - 09:30
to 16.11.2023 - 17:00
Milling Hotel Park, Viaduktvej, Middelfart, Denmark
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17.09.2023 - 23:59
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