Sex Steroids – Improving Treatment after Doping and in Transgender Persons

Sex steroids have received increased attention in various settings. In transgender persons, sex steroids are used clinically as a gender affirming treatment. Among recreational athletes, steroids are used illicitly to gain increased muscle strength and performance. 

With the rapid expansion of the use of sex steroids, there is an increasing need to understand the consequences of sex steroids use in transgender persons. Further, in doping, there is a need to increase the knowledge on how to handle the consequences of long-term illicit steroid use. 

Over two days, this DDEA meeting brings together clinicians and researchers of all career levels engaged or interested in the health and treatment of doping patients and transgender persons. The primary aims of the event are to provide a forum for raising awareness, widening and deepening the knowledge base about how to best manage and care for these groups of people, and connecting people with similar research and clinical interests across Denmark and beyond Danish borders. 

At the meeting, you will delve into cutting-edge findings – beginning with a review of these rapidly growing fields, then moving into a focus on mental health aspects, best clinical practices related to treatment, and much more.


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