Intermediate Course on Reproducible Research in R

Intermediate Course on Reproducible Research in R

Reproducibility and open scientific practices are increasingly demanded of, and needed by, scientists and researchers in our modern research environments. We increasingly produce larger and more complex amounts of data that often need to be heavily cleaned, reorganized, and processed before it can be analyzed. This data processing phase often consumes the majority of the time spent coding and doing data analysis. Training for this aspect of research has sadly not kept pace with the demand.

We hope to begin addressing this gap in training with this course. Throughout the course we will be using a highly practical approach that revolves around code-along sessions (instructor and learner coding together), hands-on exercises, and group work.

By the end of the course, participants will: have improved their competency in processing and wrangling datasets; have improved their proficiency in using the R statistical computing language; know how to write re-usable and well-documented code; and know how to make modern and reproducible data analysis projects.



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