New Chair of the DDEA Board of Directors

Posted on 01.07.2024

The Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA) is pleased to announce that the Novo Nordisk Foundation has appointed Troels Krarup Hansen, CEO of Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, as the new Chair of the DDEA Board of Directors. He succeeds Allan Flyvbjerg, who has stepped down after 11 years on the board, including six years as Chair.

Fostering Talent and Collaboration

MD, PhD Troels Krarup Hansen, a former Chair of the Danish Endocrine Society and Clinical Professor at Aarhus University, is a prominent figure in diabetes and endocrinology research. Troels Krarup Hansen has long been enthusiastic about DDEA, particularly its role in fostering research talent and promoting cross-country collaboration.

“DDEA is a highly effective talent factory. Many early-career grant recipients from the first period of the Academy (2012-2022) are now research leaders and professors within their fields,” says Hansen.

Troels Krarup Hansen has significantly contributed to developing the field of endocrinology, serving on the board of the Danish Endocrine Society (DES) twice and as its Chair for four years. “I have seen how DDEA has fostered invaluable networks across the country through its impressive relational and collaborative activities,” he says. “I am passionate about continuing this work as Chair of DDEA both in the current grant period (2022-2027) and beyond.”

During his tenure at DES, Troels Krarup Hansen was closely involved with the academy, then known as the Danish Diabetes Academy. “We recognized the need to think more broadly about endocrinology. In Denmark, this specialty includes diabetes, metabolism, and classical endocrinology. To address these overlapping areas effectively, we must consider them as a whole,” he explains.

Therefore, Troels Krarup Hansen is also happy to have contributed to the application that added ‘Endocrine’ to the academy name, established as the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy in 2023. Today, he looks forward to continuing the academy’s focus to encompass the entire endocrinology specialty.

Challenges and Sustainability

Ensuring DDEA’s long-term sustainability is a priority for Troels Krarup Hansen. “One of the biggest challenges in research is the time-limited nature of grants. This makes it difficult to maintain a long-term perspective for the Academy and researchers. While time limitations are inevitable, we must find ways to sustain the excellent work being done,” he says.

DDEA has established a Board Committee for Sustainability, which will meet for the first time after the summer holiday. The committee aims to present a plan for the continuation of DDEA beyond its current grant period, with support from sources other than the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

“I see opportunities in closer collaboration with universities and the life-science industry, both of which benefit greatly from the Academy’s output. Additionally, I envision expanding DDEA’s global presence,” says Hansen, who is currently pursuing an MSc in Global Health Leadership at Oxford University. “We can gain valuable insights from other countries and share our expertise globally while continuing to focus on the outstanding work in Denmark,” he adds.

The ambition is for DDEA to be in a very strong position to continue by the end of its current grant period.

“The value and impact of the academy, particularly in fostering collaborative relationships and nurturing research talent, must be emphasized even more clearly. While these contributions may be challenging to measure on a traditional quantitative scale, their significance is undeniable. But we have numerous stories and examples that demonstrate their profound impact,” concludes Troels Krarup Hansen.

Five Facts about Troels Krarup Hansen

  • Father of four: “The youngest became a student this year. So they are not so young anymore,” he smiles.
  • Lives in Aarhus with his wife: “Aarhus is also where I received my endocrinology training, worked clinically for many years, and completed my doctoral thesis,” says Hansen.
  • Longstanding Music Quiz Master at DES: “I have been doing music quizzes for DES members at the annual Guideline Meeting for the last 15 years. I enjoy this very much,” he says. The prize can range from honor to a chocolate-covered marshmallow.
  • Active lifestyle: “I cycle, run, and play a bit of piano to stay in shape,” he says.
  • Unexpected career path: “I enjoyed working as a Clinical Professor and Chief Physician. In 2016, however, I was invited to serve as a health advisor for Region Midtjylland and Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus, which led to a director position—a role I found very exciting.”

Contact Information

Troels Krarup Hansen
Chair of the Board of Directors of DDEA
CEO and Clinical Professor at Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus
+45 6167 9616

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