About DDEA

Strategic foundation and history of DDEA

Who Are We?

We are a Danish-based academy striving to advance world-class research within diabetes, metabolism, and classical endocrinology by fostering both national and international research talent.

Our three main objectives are:

  • We provide excellent research education and talent development

  • We promote networking and collaboration across research fields, sectors, and borders

  • We fund talented early-career researchers and visiting researchers.

Our vision is to promote world-class research to improve the prevention and treatment of diabetes and classical endocrine diseases.

Our mission is to foster early-career research talent within the fields of diabetes, metabolism, and classical endocrinology.

We are funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation from 2023-2027 with a total of DKK 195 million.

From Danish Diabetes Academy to Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) made our ambitions a possibility with a five-year grant to establish us as the Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) in 2012. With another five-year grant from NNF following the first one, we were able to refine our strategies, ensuring high-quality talent development, education, and networking activities within the field of diabetes research.

After 10 years, we sought to establish a new academy aiming to bridge the research fields of diabetes and classical endocrinology. With a five-year grant (2023-2027) from NNF to establish our new academy, we are now the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy (DDEA).

This endeavour was made possible with help from NNF, our existing collaborators, as well as new collaborators, such as the Danish Endocrine Society (DES) and The Association for Young Endocrinologists (FYEN).

Now, we not only leverage our decade of accumulated expertise, but also seek to constantly expand and optimise our practices, so we can contribute to promote world-class research within the fields of diabetes, metabolism, and classical endocrinology.

Strategic Themes

Public involvement and outreach
Strategic partnerships
Translational research
Digitalisation and new technologies

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