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This page contains content from our previous online webinars and webcasts. We will continue to upload new video-links from previous events to this page. If you wish to see upcoming webinars and events, please visit Events.

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Applied Methods

Beta Cells

Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen: 3D Imaging Diabetes with Light Sheet Microscopy

Mette Viberg Østergaard: Lost in translation: How to improve the translatability of rodent models of diabetic kidney disease

Decio L. Eizirik: The dialog between target tissues and the immune system in type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disease

Patrick MacDonald: Exploring islet cell sub types in health and type 2 diabetes

Joachim Størling: Beta-cell failure in type 1 diabetes

Jesper Johannesen: Insulin sensitivity in type 1 diabetes – does it play role

Jacob Jelsing: Antidiabetic treatment - the pancreas revisited

Andrew Hattersley: Diagnosing Diabetes - Getting Insulin to the Right Patients?

Edwin Gale: 100 Years with Insulin – The Historical and Global Health Perspective

Henning Beck-Nielsen: Insulin Resistance/Hyperinsulinism

Malin Flodström Tullberg: Pathogenesis of Type 1 Diabetes

Tobias Wang: August Krogh – The Danish Insulin Pioneer

Celebration of a Ceuntury with Insulin 2021 - Video from the event

Cancer & Metabolism

Career in Life Science Industry

Peter Lommer Kristensen: Steriod-induced Diabetes in Cancer Patients

Lene Ringholm: Diabetes management in cancer - a clinical perspective

Mark Febbraio: Protective Effects of Exercise for Cancer

James D. Johnson: Hyperinsulinemia and Cancer

Ann Bjørnshave / Arla Foods Ingredients: My Transition from Academia to the Industry

Anna Kaufmann Lindqvist / Ambu A/S: My Experience with the Recruitment Process – The Not so Straight Road from Insulin Sensitivity at Uni to Clinical Research in Medical Devices

Ida Wenger Parving / Pharma Relations ApS: How a Recruiter Matches People to Positions

Mikkel Askjær Agersnap: Career in Life Science Industry with Zealand Pharma

Jens-Peter David: Career in Life Science Industry with Sanofi

Kim Henriksen: Career in Life Science Industry with Nordic Bioscience

Jan Alenfall & Susanne Schéele: Career in Life Science Industry with Follicum

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes and Cancer

Mads Hornum: Pathophysiology of diabetic kidney disease

Michael Hecht Olsen: Hypertension and the metabolic syndrome

Hans-Henrik Parving: Diabetes Complications: Prevention and treatment of diabetic micro-and macroangiopathy

Ajenthen Ranjan: Improved time-in-range over 1 year is associated with reduced albuminuria in individuals with sensor-augmented insulin pump-treated type 1 diabetes

Jesper Guldsmed Madsen: Does diabetes effect voluntary movement? A study of the effect of diabetes on the pathway for voluntary movement 

Margaret Hahn: Schizophrenia and metabolism - A collision of brain and body?

Caroline Kistorp: Treatment with SGLT-2 inhibitors – mechanisms behind the cardiovascular revolution

Andrew Renehan: Epidemiology and genetics of diabetes and cancer

Christoffer Johansen: The COPLab Study

Bente Klarlund Pedersen: The anti-inflammatory effects of exercise - Focus on diabetes and cancer

Emily J. Gallagher: Cancer treatment and diabetes

Jennifer Baker: Childhood obesity and adult cancer

Nicholas Webster: Metabolic health, insulin, and breast cancer - Why oncologists should care about insulin

Lykke Sylow: Muscling in on insulin resistance in cancer

Linn Gillberg: Metabolic and epigenetic changes after adjuvant chemotherapy in patiens with early breast cancer

Jan Frystyk: Deciphering the role of adipose tissue in breast cancer: A putative role of PAPP-A and IGF-2

Louise Lang Lehrskov: The effect of colectomy and chemotherapy on glucose homeostasis in patients with non-metastatic colon cancer

Hybrid workshop (Group 1): Endocrine treatment responses in lean and obese and risk of T2D

Hybrid workshop (Group 2): Longer-term metabolic effects of anti-cancer treatments.

Hybrid workshop (Group 3): Risk of diabetes in patients with breast cancer

Diabetes, Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes

Do-it-yourself Diabetes Technology

Desoye Gernot: Glucose-Insulin Axis in first trimester of pregnancy and Feto-placental Growth

Heather Blackmore: Exercise intervention in an obese mouse pregnancy

Carlos Salomon: Cell to cell communication via Extra cellular vesicles – challenges and opportunities in diabetes research

David McIntyre: Adapting GDM diagnosis to the Covid-19 situation

Helen Murphy: Diabetes Technology – Lessons from Diabetes in Pregnancy

Dana Lewis: It’s Bananas (but not unique to diabetes)

Rachel Dickinson: DIY Apps – The Future and the Law

Nick Oliver: Do-It-Yourself Technology: A Publication Perspective

Erik Huneker: DBLG1 Product – Link with DIY Community

Exercise / Muscle Physiology

How to Get Your Dream Job

Jean Farup: Age and Muscle regeneration

Lykke Sylow: Exercise induced glucose uptake depends on GLUT4

Rasmus Kjøbsted: Signaling to increased GLUT4 translocation

Daniel Fazakerley: Insuline Stimulated Glucose Transport in Health and Insulin Resistance

Glenn McConell: Is it time to question euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemic clamps for muscle insulin sensitivity

David Wright: Sex, drugs and exercise studies investigating the metabolic side effects of antipsychotic drugs

Mathias Ried Larsen: Exercise (and what kind) as treatment of type 2 diabetes

Annette Bjerre Ryhede: How to make a powerful impact at the job interview

Leif Carlsen: How to leave your mark on LinkedIn when searching for a job

Prediabetes, Obesity, Fat Tissue, Appetite Regulation and Drug Discovery

Reproducibility of Data

Jens Lund: The unidentified hormonal defense against weight gain

Christoffer Clemmensen: Body-Brain Cross-talk in body weight regulation

Florian Merkle: Studying obesity with human hypothalamics neurons

Clemence Blouet: Brain Protein Sensing in the regulation of energy balance

Lin Lin: An integrative approach to explore and better understand the mammalian brain

John Stafford: Sex differences in metabolic and cardiovascular disease

Jens Meldgaard Bruun: Dietary restriction for the treatment of type 2 diabetes?

Jens Juul Holst: How to discover new diabetes medicine?

Jonathan Wells: Using evolutionary life history theory to understand variability in human growth, metabolism and behaviour

Henrik Björk Hansen: Preclinical drug discovery in NASH - Narrowing the translational gap

Kristian Hvidtfelt Nissen: What happens when research results cannot be reproduced

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