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Zeniab Mahmoudi

"I summarize my experience from the Danish Diabetes Academy (DDA) in three words: support, encouragement, and enthusiasm. Since I started a DDA-funded postdoc at DTU in 2015, being a member of DDA has been a great scientific adventure for me, full of learning and joy. Talking from my experience, DDA has been successful in incubating young researchers to pave their career path in diabetes research.

The DDA staff set up high quality scientific events such as courses, workshops, and the DDA annual day, where they invite distinguished scientists from all over the world. DDA provided a research travel grant to me for a visit to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US. This research visit had a great influence on the progress of my postdoc project. All in all, I will never forget the game-changing impact of DDA on my career development, and for that I greatly admire DDA."

Postdoc Zeniab Mahmoudi, DTU Compute