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David McIntyre

“To me, DDA is a vibrant organization which brings together clinicians, researchers, teachers and students interested in diabetes from all over Denmark and from across the world.  I have long standing research collaborations with Danish clinicians in the area of Diabetes in Pregnancy. Denmark has always been a pioneer and leader in this field.

My Visiting Professor Fellowship from DDA has enabled me to strengthen these ties and to live in Denmark for a total of six months over 2017– 2018, visiting centers in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. These visits have led to multiple productive research partnerships and new publications covering Type 1 diabetes and renal disease in pregnancy, diagnosis and therapy of gestational diabetes and epidemiology. I have also been able to join Danish research collaborations and help with successful grant applications.

Further, I have had the opportunity to participate in both face to face and web based teaching sessions across Denmark.  As a direct result of my DDA links, a young Danish clinician researcher (Dr Lene Ring Madsen, from Aarhus) is now planning a visit to my clinic and research unit in Brisbane, Australia. Lene will undertake globally based research into gestational diabetes phenotypes.

DDA funding has enabled me to undertake all of these activities and to expand and deepen productive long term collaborations.”

Professor David McIntyre, University of Queensland