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Chris Rhodes

“Diabetes and its resulting complications remain a burdensome worldwide health epidemic with very few signs of currently abating. More innovative research is needed to alleviate this serious problem. But to drive such efforts it is imperative to increase highly talented, creative and dedicated diabetes researchers for the future. Where might these outstanding scientists come from? Well, DDA is simply a brilliant organization in this regard, training enthusiastic serious young diabetes researchers for tomorrow.

DDA provides a marvelous vehicle for teaching and training graduate students and postdoctorates as future independent diabetes researchers. These trainees get rigorous scholarship in diabetes, obesity and metabolism, important hands on research experience, and international exposure to the worldwide network of diabetes research and researchers.

I would argue that DDA currently trains some of the most talented young diabetes researchers and also provides them opportunities as a platform to pursue dedicated careers in diabetes research. I expect that their future research endeavours will eventually beat this debilitating disease.”

Professor Christopher Rhodes, MedImmune