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Award Winners

Each year at the Annual Day of the Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy the following awards are granted:

  • The Young Investigator Award (25,000 DKK)
  • The Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award (25,000 DKK)
  • The Danish Diabetes Academy Research Education and Networking Award (25,000 DKK) (New in 2022)
  • 3 x awards for best poster presentations (1,000-3,000 DKK)

Award winners 2022

DDA Research Education and Networking Award: Luke Johnston
DDA-Funded Scientist Award: Karoline Kragelund Nielsen

Pitch Award 1st price: Cathrine Scheuer
Pitch Award 2nd price: Hande Topel
Pitch Award 3rd price: Kaspar Wredstrøm Persson

Award winners 2021

Young Investigator Award: Nicolai Albrechtsen
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Signe Schmidt

Pitch Award 1st price: Camilla Cederbye Karlsson
Pitch Award 2nd price: Asbjørn Thode Reenberg
Pitch Award 3rd price: Carlos Henriquez & Jonas Roland Knudsen

Award winners 2020

Young Investigator Award: Lykke Sylow
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Páll Karlsson

Pitch Award 1st price: Kevin Marks
Pitch Award 2nd price: Rasmus Wibæk Christensen
Pitch Award 3rd price: Mette Ludwig 

Award winners 2019

Young Investigator Award: Tune Pers
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Line Hjort

Poster Award 1st price: Katrine Meyer Lauritsen
Poster Award 2nd price: Steffen H. Raun
Poster Award 3rd price: Hannah Chatwin

Award winners 2018

Young Investigator Award: Rasmus Kjøbsted
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Adam Hulman

Poster Award 1st price: Dorte Steenberg
Poster Award 2nd price: Morten Dall
Poster Award 3rd price: Omar Silverman

Award winners 2016

Young Investigator Award: Mathias Ried-Larsen
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Rikke Hjortebjerg

Poster Award 1st price: Annemarie Lundsgaard
Poster Award 2nd price: Karin Mannerstedt
Poster Award 3rd price: Rasmus Kjøbsted

Award winners 2015

Young Investigator Award: Kristine Færch
Danish Diabetes Academy Funded Scientist Award: Esben Laugesen

Poster Award 1st price: Naja Zenius Jespersen
Poster Award 2nd price: Julian Geiger
Poster Award 3rd price: Michael Væggemose

Award winners 2014

Best Young Basic Researcher: Michaela Terecova
Best Young Clinical Researcher: Jakob Appel Østergaard