Episode 1, S2: Broadening Our Perspective: Diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa | Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy
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Episode 1, S2: Broadening Our Perspective: Diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa

What happens with a child during pregnancy when the mother has malaria? Could malaria during pregnancy even cause diabetes in the child later in life?

With the majority of diabetes studies focusing on Western urbanity, we desperately need data on the challenges and changes happening in rural areas of developing countries.  

In countries like Tanzania, people live with double burdens, suffering from both communicable diseases like malaria and non-communicable diseases like diabetes. Furthermore, people struggle with both malnutrition and lack of medical resources. These challenges affect not just the current population, but also future generations.

Listen as an expert in gestational diabetes and a senior researcher with many years of experience with healthcare systems in developing countries discuss extending diabetes research to non-western and rural contexts.

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- Line Hjort, BRIDGE postdoctoral fellow at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
- David Beran, Assistant Professor at the Geneva University Hospital and Division of Tropical and Humanitarian Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Gretchen Repasky, Communications Director, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine and University of Helsinki.

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