Newsletter October 2020 | Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy
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Newsletter October 2020

Newsletter October 2020 -

Without doubt, conversions, reorganisations, postponements and cancellations are daily business in the DDA these months. However, we are optimistic by nature and will continue to adapt to the current situation.
Bridging between academia and the life sciences industry is a cornerstone of DDA’s networking pillar. Thus, I am happy that we have succeeded in establishing collaborations with (so far) six national and international life sciences companies for a number of online webinars to be held in November. These webinars will tell you how it actually is to work in life sciences industry.
The DDA visiting professorship programme is another cornerstone of the DDA, which due to COVID-19 has obviously been an impossible programme to run properly in 2020. If we get back to normal, we will probably have 14-18 visiting professors visiting Denmark in 2021, but, until then, you will soon have the chance to meet and connect with them online.
Lastly, I wish to mention that we are soon ready to unveil the DDA educational and networking programme for 2021, so stay tuned at our website.

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