DDEA Early-Career Researcher Awards 2024

DDEA calls for nominations for the DDEA Early-Career Researcher Awards 2024 to recognize excellence, innovation, passion and commitment in Danish diabetes and classical endocrine research.

The DDEA Early-Career Researcher Awards are presented to two individual early-career researchers (from Danish research institutions) who each has shown promising research and great potential to be world-class researchers within their fields of expertise and who each has made an important contribution to the understanding and treatment of diabetes and classical endocrine diseases*. The two awards will be presented to: one early-career researcher within diabetes and one early-career researcher within classical endocrinology.

Nominations are closed.

* Research areas include: diabetes, thyroid disorders, calcium and bone metabolism, pituitary and adrenal gland diseases, gonadal diseases, other endocrine areas such as anorexia nervosa, bariatrics, endocrinopathy, multiple endocrine disorders, nutrition and electrolytes, exercise physiology, obesity, other metabolism.

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