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DDA Winter School for Postdocs 2021

DDA Winter School for Postdocs 2021 -
Event info

Event date: 

07/11/2021 - 13:00 to 12/11/2021 - 11:00

Registration deadline: 

10/09/2021 - 12:00

The DDA Winter School welcomes postdocs to beautiful Malaga, Spain to gain a broader scientific perspective on diabetes research by bridging fundamental discoveries with clinical science and public health and through investigating the interactions of scientists with society.

During the five-day Winter School you will attend scientific lectures by Danish and international experts, get training in relevant transferable skills, be inspired to broaden your career horizon, present and get feedback on your own research and be challenged to examine the landscape of science and society. 

Be sure to mark your calendars if you want to expand your professional network, engage in and give your perspective on highly topical themes within diabetes research and have fun with new and old colleagues in a relaxed, informal and beautiful environment.   

Prior to the Winter School you get the possibility to meet the other participants at a 3 hour online workshop where you will get effective tools to kick start the challenge work. Please already now reserve the time for this workshop in your calendar.

Please note that the completion of the course depends on the development of the Covid-19 situation over the coming months, which we will follow closely.



Dates: 7-12 November 2021 
Venue: Higuerõn Hotel, Malaga, Avenida del Higuerõn 48, 29639 Fuengirola, Spain


With an aim to strengthen the diabetes research community through scientific and professional development, the Winter School is targeted to postdoctoral researchers and clinicians on a postdoctoral level working within any field of diabetes, including both clinical, basic and translational research/work and/or interdisciplinary research/work within fields related to diabetes.

Please note, that you are not guaranteed a seat at the course if you do not meet the target group requirements. Priority is given to participants employed at Danish research and health institutions or in life science industry. A number of seats are reserved for participants employed at research and health institutions or life science industry abroad. If the event is overbooked, the DDA reserves its right to select participants based on the defined requirements and country of employment.

Advanced PhD students in their final year are welcome to apply, but seats are prioritized for postdocs.
Please be aware that the registration is not first-come, first-selected, but based on abstract review. Threefore you are welcome to apply right up to the deadline.


DDA Winter School 2021 Challenge: Next generation diabetes scientists looking outward to society
This year the DDA Winter School organizers invite participants to look outward and investigate how academic researchers and their science interact with various aspects of society. We will focus on how we can build bridges between science and six different sectors of society:

  • Engaging people with diabetes: language matters 
  • Money makes the world go round 
  • Policy makers: the scientist goes to Christiansborg 
  • Take it to the streets: education and public relations 
  • Innovation: the relationship between academia & industry
  • Using art as a science communication tool 

Together, we will evaluate current relationships and develop ideas for improved paths to societal stakeholders. Through this challenge, we also aim to improve our own skills and strengthen the network among participants at the Winter School.

When you receive final confirmation of your registration for the Winter School in August, you will have the opportunity to read an in-depth description of each challenge topic before you sign up for a challenge.


During the program the attendees will engage with experts in the following scientific and non-scientific sessions:
- Diabetes Diagnoses Revisited
- From Basic to Applied Science
- Drug Discovery
- Data Science for Modern and Open Research
- Communication of Science
- Career Paths for Postdocs

Alexander Hovard Sparre-Ulrich Co-founder, CEO, Antag Therapeutics (DK)
Bart Roep Professor, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center (US)
Claudio Villanueva Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (US)
Karin Hultman, scientific manager, Novo Nordisk Foundation (DK)
David Leslie Professor, University of London (UK)
Emma Rand Dr., University of York (UK)
Filip Knop, Head of Center for Clinical Metabolic Research, Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen (DK)
Hannah Forde, Dr. Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland (IE)
Joanna Kalucka Assistant Professor, Aarhus University (DK)
Kristine Færch Professor, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Copenhagen University (DK)
Michael Holsey PhD, Product Manager, EMD Digital, , Merck KGaA (US)
Morten Busch Editor in Chief, Novo Nordisk Foundation (DK)
Noel Morgan Professor, University of Exeter (UK)
Peter Andrew Stanners, Strategic Communication Officer, CBMR (DK) 

See the programme for more details


The Winter School is organised by the Danish Diabetes Academy in collaboration with the Winter School Committee consisting of:

  • Ali Altintas, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Gretchen Repasky (Chairperson), Communications Officer, Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine (DK)
  • Luke Johnston, Postdoc, University of Aarhus (DK)
  • Maria Hauge Pedersen, (Co-chair) Postdoc, International Researcher, University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Melanie Broadley, Postdoc, University of Southern Denmark (DK)
  • Morten Dall, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Sara Lind Jepsen, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen (DK)


Registration deadline & submission of abstract: 10 September 2021

Abstract guidelines:

  1. Content. Be sure your abstract contains the following information before submission:
    A. Title
    B. Authors
    C. Affiliations
    D. Objective and background
    E. Methods and materials (briefly, and if pertinent)
    F. Results (if obtained to-date)
    G. Conclusion and perspectives

  2. Format. Be sure your abstract adheres to the following formatting guidelines before submission:
    Title – Use a short and specific title with title-style capitalization.
    B. Authors – Bold the presenting author’s name.
    C. Affiliations – Include unit, institution/company/hospital, city and country for all authors.

    The body of the abstract contains the following content in a single paragraph.
    D. Objective and background
    E. Methods and materials (briefly, and if pertinent)
    F. Results (if obtained to-date)
    G. Conclusion and perspectives

  3. General formatting, font style and character limit. Be sure your abstract adheres to the following general style guidelines:
      • The abstract title (A) is limited to 200 characters, including spaces.
      • There is no character limit for the authors or author affiliations (B-C)
      • The body of the abstract (D-G) is limited to 1500 characters not including spaces.
      • Use top, bottom and side margins of 2.5 cm and A1 paper size.
      • Use Arial, minimum size 11 and single line spacing.
      • Be sure to leave one empty line space between the title (A) and authors and affiliations (B-C) and one empty line space before the body of the abstract (D-G)
      • Avoid boldfacing throughout, with the exception of the presenting author’s name in the author list.
      • Use standard abbreviations; all other abbreviations should be spelled out at first mention.
      • Do not use tables, charts, images or figures.

Please proofread carefully before submission and submit a word file.


To ensure safe events, the DDA’s activities are organized in compliance with our Interim COVID-19 Code of conduct.

To attend the Winter School, you must present a valid corona passport. Read more in our Interim COVID-19 Code of conduct.


The DDA will cover accommodation and meals - however you will pay your own travel expenses

You will receive a certificate for your participation.

No-show fee
Please note that there is no registration fee, and no cost to participate in the course; however the DDA will charge a no-show fee of 500 DKK if you do not cancel your registration prior to the start of the course.