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Adipose Biology: Metabolic Buffering in an Obesogenic World

Adipose Biology: Metabolic Buffering in an Obesogenic World -
Event info

Event date: 

23/03/2023 - 13:00 to 24/03/2023 - 17:30

Registration deadline: 

26/01/2023 - 23:30

Adipose tissues are metabolically dynamic organs essential for maintaining health and wellbeing in the modern obesogenic world. This two-day symposium brings together basic and clinical researchers to discuss central aspects of adipose biology and its relation to disease. In addition to talks from scientists at the forefront of adipose research, the symposium will also have career development and networking sessions for early career researchers.


Date: 23rd and 24th March 2023
Place: The John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland  


The symposium welcomes researchers from any career stage interested in adipose tissue biology and its influence on disease. The symposium has interactive career development sessions tailored for early career researchers (students and post-docs), therefore early career-stage researchers are particularly encouraged to attend.

The DDEA offers 24 seats for Danish researchers. 18 seats are predefined seats and allocated to researchers from SDU, CBMR/UCPH and AU (six from each respective institution).

The other 6 seats are open for registration to participants from other institutions. The allocation of the six free seats will be based on participants’ submitted abstract. Participants who are selected will receive a confirmation after the registration deadline (26th of January 2023).

Please note that all attendees are required to participate in the full programme and all early career researchers must submit an abstract.

Importantly, only participants from Denmark should register for the symposium through the DDEA.
Other participants that wish to attend the symposium can register via Adipose Biology's website.


The symposium will cover a range of topics relating to adipose tissue biology, including:

  • Adipose tissue heterogeneity
  • Adipose attrition and resilience in ageing
  • Epigenetic regulation of adipose biology

The symposium will feature talks from basic, clinical and translational researchers, and across a range of organisms and model systems. The symposium will also have interactive career and networking events for early career researchers (students and post-docs).


See the full programme

Confirmed speakers
  • Bilal Sheikh (Helmholtz Institute for Metabolic, Obesity and Vascular Research, Leipzig)
  • Alexander Rauch (Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark)
  • Marika Charalambous (Department of Medical & Molecular Genetics, King’s College London)
  • Bart Deplancke (Laboratory of Systems Biology and Genetics, EPFL)
  • Emma Börgeson (Institute of Biomedicine, Aarhus University)
  • Robin Klemm (Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, University of Oxford)
  • Mariona Graupera (Institut de Recerca contra la Leucèmia Josep Carreras, Barcelona)
  • Kirsty Spalding (Cellular & Molecular Biology, Karolinska Instituet)
  • James Minchin (University of Edinburgh)
  • Joanna Kalucka (Aarhus University)
  • Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld (University of Southern Denmark)
  • Cécile Bénézech (University of Edinburgh)
  • Camilla Schéele (University of Copenhagen)
  • Nils J. Færgeman (University of Southern Denmark)
  • Ormond MacDougald (University of Michigan)
  • Ruth Andrew (University of Edinburgh)
  • Robert Semple (University of Edinburgh)


Registration deadline


Deadline for submission of abstracts


Abstract guidelines

Be sure your abstract contains the following information and adheres to the following formatting guidelines before submission:

You may download the abstract template.

The abstract should be max 250 words incl. spaces and written in Arial 10.

  • Title of abstract (Use a short and specific title with title-style capitalization and put it in bold)
  • Presenting author name(s) (Underline the presenting author’s name)
  • Affiliation (Include unit, institution/company/hospital, city and country for all authors and put it in italic)

The body of the abstract contains the following content: 

  • Background and aim:
    Text in Arial 10
  • Material and methods:
    Text in Arial 10
  • Results (if obtained to-date)
    Text in Arial 10
  • Conclusion (and perspectives)
    Text in Arial 10

No images, figures, charts or tables should be included in the abstract.
Please proofread carefully before submission and submit a word file.



The 24 participants from Danish universities will be offered accommodation in Edinburgh by the DDEA from the 22nd-24th March 2023. Please state the number of nights you will need accommodation for when signing up.

Travel booking

The DDEA will reimburse the cost of your travel expenses. However, please do not book your flight ticket before you receive a confirmation from the DDEA, stating that you have been allocated a seat at the course (after the registration deadline on January 26th 2023).

No-show fee

Please note that it is free of charge to participate in the symposium howeverthe DDA will charge a no-show fee of 500 DKK if you do not show up and have not unregistered from the course prior to its start.