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Committee for Education

The DDEA Committee for Education establishes the annual programme for the DDEA education and talent development activities and the DDEA networking and collaboration activities, and is responsible for planning the activities included in the annual programme.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The principal tasks of the Committee for Education are to:

  • Establish an annual academic, scientific programme for the DDEA education and talent development activities and networking and collaboration activities.
  • Coordinate, organise, and plan the activities included in the annual programme.
  • Explore how to improve capacity building of early-career researchers and outcomes of the activities.
  • Set up relevant ad hoc  sub-committees for organising individual activities included in the annual programme or to receive input on how to implement the four strategic themes (digitalization and new technologies; public involvement and outreach; strategic partnerships; and translational research).

Composition and Appointment

The Committee for Education consists of 12 members including a Chair. The composition of the committee is based on a well-balanced and broad representation of stakeholders in Denmark with regard to gender, age, career level, national geography, and sectors.

The members and the Chair are appointed by the DDEA Board of Directors. The Chair serves for five years and the committee members serve for 2.5 years (from 1 January 2023), with the option for another 2.5 years.

The Chair of the committee is Professor Nils Færgemann, University of Southern Denmark.

Further information can be found in the Terms of Reference for DDEA Committee for Education.

Members of the DDEA Committee for Education

Louise Torp Dalgaard

MSc, PhD

Professor, Roskilde University

Anja Lisbeth Frederiksen


Clinical Professor, Aalborg University Hospital

Morten Frost


Professor, University of Southern Denmark

Nils Joakim Kaas Færgeman

MSc, PhD

Chairman, Professor, University of Southern Denmark

Dorte Glintborg


Associate Professor, Odense University Hospital

Katharina Herzog

MSc, PhD

Lead Data Scientist, Novo Nordisk A/S

Joanna Maria Kalucka

MSc, PhD

Assistant Professor, Aarhus University

Andreas Buch Møller

MSc, PhD

Nutrition Scientist, Arla Foods

Jonas Salling Quist

MSc, PhD

Senior Researcher, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, and Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen

Mathias Ried-Larsen

MSc, PhD

Associate Professor, Rigshospitalet

Nikolaj Rittig


Resident, Aarhus University

Karolina Sulek

MSc, PhD

Senior Researcher, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen