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Join the DDA ALUMNI NETWORK - for you and your fellow DDA-funded researchers

When you are funded by DDA, you are part of a group of researchers who have a lot in common. You all do diabetes-related research, you are dedicated, and you strive for goals.

The DDA Alumni is a new network for you and your fellow DDA-funded researchers - both previous and current.

In the network, you can learn from each other's experiences - you develop in your professional life and your experiences can help current and future DDA researchers in their careers.

You are also one of our valuable DDA-ambassadors and we wish to keep in touch with you. Our vision in the DDA is to enhance the quality of Danish diabetes research education, and we are always eager to know how our efforts pan out in our alumni’s careers.

By joining the DDA Alumni Network you will also gain access to networking meetings and professional development events hosted by DDA.


We are taking a bottom-up approach with the DDA Alumni Network. That means we want you to tell us what you would like to gain from the network and give to the network. In 2020, we organised a DDA Alumni kick-off networking event, where you could let us know which kind of future events you would like us to host. We listen and encourage you to keep the feedback and ideas coming. 


To join the DDA Alumni Network, simply log into you DDA account here.

Then click "Edit my profile" in the top right-hand corner.

Right under the text boxes where you have written your name, you tick off the box "

To keep updated on upcoming events, make sure to subscribe to our alumni newsletter and follow our alumni LinkedIn page.

If you no longer have access to your account due to e.g. a new email address, you can also create a new account.