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Series 2

Postdocs Talking - From Science to Society
Connecting diabetes and metabolism research to society

The podcast series ‘Postdocs Talking – From Science to Society’ highlights experts in diabetes and metabolism research with Nordic ties, whose work connects to a societal perspective.

The topics of this series are: Diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa, elite athletes with type 1 diabetes, glucagon, fat tissue and obesity, and open science.

Join us for a journey into the world of science, as motivated experts raise important questions on the route to societal implementation.

Publisher: Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy
Producer: Kontekst & Lyd

How to listen to "Postdocs Talking" 

Episode 1 ➜ Broadening Our Perspective: Diabetes in Sub-Saharan Africa

What happens with a child during pregnancy when the mother has malaria? Could malaria during pregnancy even cause diabetes in the child later in life?


Episode 2 ➜ Against the Odds: Elite Athletes with Type 1 Diabetes

Can people living with type 1 diabetes rise to elite levels in sports? And if so, what does it take to get there?


Episode 3  Glucagon: The Overlooked Hormone

Might glucagon help us understand diabetes better? And what are the challenges with studying this largely unexplored hormone?


Episode 4 No ‘One Size Fits All’: The Issue with Fat Tissue

Why does one person gain weight differently than another? What are the molecular events that dictate fat tissue function, and how can we use this information to narrow the gap between lab bench and disease prevention?


Episode 5 The Future is Transparent: Moving towards Open Science 

The open science train has already left the station, but how do we get everyone on board? Perhaps the road to systemic change is paved with incremental change?


Episode 6 ➜ Diabetes Care in Remote Regions: The Greenlandic Perspective

How far do you live from a healthcare clinic? Around the corner or across the country?


Episode 7 ➜ Diabetes and Data: Discovering Drug Targets and Biomarkers

Nowadays science is often driven by patterns in big data. What can we learn from the data and how does finding patterns help us understand chronic diseases better? And, where do we start? 


Episode 8 ➜ AI is Not Sci-Fi: The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery

AI is dramatically changing the landscape of drug discovery in research today, but what is needed for the best outcomes? How do we overcome the challenges? Can we rely on what AI produces? 


Episode 9 ➜ More Talk, More Action: Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that having diabetes can affect sexual function? It can even cause erectile dysfunction (ED). And, for a proportion of people living with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, drugs like Viagra have little to no effect.


How to listen to "Postdocs Talking"

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