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Online compensation form - Events

Below invited speakers and guests can apply for honorarium and travel reimbursement. We kindly ask speakers and invited guests to fill out and submit this online compensation form at the latest three weeks after the event in order to get travel expenses reimbursed and/or to receive the offered honorarium.


The following requirements must be met in order to receive reimbursement of expenses: 

  • Only flight and train tickets on economy class can be reimbursed - in expceptional cases and only by prior agreement with the DDA Executive Management Team, economy plus on flight or business on trains can be reimbursed.
  • Travel by car can only be reimbursed for travel by car in Denmark, which will be reimbursed using the low rate for mileage allowance of DKK 1.90 per km (2021).
  • Only standard accommodation for a maximum price of 1,000 DKK/night can be reimbursed - in case of raised prices during busy periods, an amount of up to 2,000 DKK/night can be accepted by prior agreement with the DDA Executive Management Team. Extra nights in connection with the event can be booked for a maximum of 1 day before and/or 1 day after the event.
  • Use of AirBnB as accommodation can only be reimbursed by prior agreement with the DDA Executive Management Team. 

To minimize the travel and accommodation costs, we recommend you to book flights and hotels in due time, as prices tend to be influenced by supply and demand.

Remember to upload your receipts (or a scan of the original receipts) and state your travel purpose.


Invited speakers and guests employed at Odense University Hospital cannot use this compensation form, but need to fill out the existing reimbursement form for Odense University Hospital employees.